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The MyFigs Minifig Collector is for Lego fans and minifig collectors of all ages. It is fun and easy to use, and it is all about your own personal minifig collection. Some Lego minifigs are rare and highly collectable, others just have great design. I know that collectors value their precious minifigs and often store them in bags or boxes, safely away from sunlight and dust. Now you can add all your new minifigs to the MyFigs Minifig Collector and always have them just a few taps away.

The whole idea behind the Minifig Collector is for you to add photos of your own minifigs. You can also add information about your minifig, like the Name, Item Number, Release Year, Theme, Personal Notes, Value and Date of Value. You can always go back and change or add all of that information later, the only thing you need to save a new minifig page is a photo of your minifig.

The Minifig Collector gallery will show a thumbnail of the upper half of the photo you have added to your minifig page so you can easily identify the minifigs in your galley. By default, the gallery will sort your minifigs with the first entry at the top and so on, but you can also sort your galley by Name, Theme and Value by taping the sort buttons.
If you want to view, add or change information to a minifig page, just tap the minifig you want and it will show the minifig page. If you want to change photo or text, just tap edit and remember to tap save before you exit. If you want to delete a minifig page, just swipe the thumbnail in the galley.

The sort function will only work if you add Name, Theme and Value to the minifig page. Name and Theme are sorted alphabetically and Value is sorted from highest to lowest. In the Value field, you can chose whatever currency you want, but you should always use the same currency so you have a realistic value in the total value field.

Last but not least, the Minifig Collector will also keep track of the total number and the total value of all of your minifigs. I know, that’s cool!

Update history

1.0 July 16, 2013

1.1 August 09, 2013
Read this before you update app. I have made huge improvements on save and load time on minifig entries. The first version of the app saved images that were bigger than needed. Unfortunately you need to delete version 1.0 and all data and then download version 1.1, this is because version 1.1 is not compatible with image size in version 1.0. I am truly sorry about the inconvenient, but I think the improvement in version 1.1 will be appreciated.

Good news is that I added a new feature, now you can swipe image in minifig page to go back and forth in you collection, it is sorted by theme then name.

Thank you all for feedback:) and I hope you now will enjoy collecting minifigs a bit faster.

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